Hi, I’m a small business owner in the tech industry with a penchant for wanderlust. I live out of a 24L backpack and ruminate about topics related to being a location-independent 30-something in the 21st century (whew!). 

This website is a depository for my musings and advice and should resonate with anyone avoiding the 9-5 grind for a more independent lifestyle.

Topics on Movable Me include:

  • generating and sustaining remote income
  • business ownership
  • productivity hacks
  • travel advice
  • practical tips for a portable lifestyle
  • product and gear reviews
  • minimalism
  • health and fitness
  • finding a higher calling

You might ask, why do I remain nameless? Well, I’m not active on social media and prefer to muse about my passions in relative peace. I might chance my stance down the road, but I want the content to stand on its own merit and eventually provide a platform for like-minded individuals around the world to connect.

Thanks for stopping by! Browse the archives or contact me.